::Do You Believe in Parallel World::

Is it universe or multiverses..

The size of universe created by Allah, makes me thought that maybe this “world” is too small to fulfilled only by human. Studying quantum physics have forced me to “alter” my perception of the whole universe. Is it universe or there are multiverses??

Time travel, dimensions, wormhole etc…Physicists have said it’s possible to do the time traveling. But, the only obstacle is our technology. We are still left behind .

Maybe, in another word, you can meet another “you”, another “me” ,….

2 thoughts on “::Do You Believe in Parallel World::

  1. i believed that God create…time machine which are u, me and others are the users and signed in since we were born. Another world is created by us…we try to create time machine…but always failed….in the end we hear God say this is ur time to meet me…but plz sign out first(hope not hacking by others :-)) and enjoy new world with me…u’ll safe in here

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